Ups and Downs

Life is full of ups and downs.


Never expect too much from anyone – it’s always better to expect less.

There are a lot of people in this world who doesn’t deserve my trust and I should never let me shields down. You never know when they will attack you with their swords. I mean, honestly. The one time I let me guards down and I get screwed over. There’s a reason why I don’t trust people easily.


This is especially important when you’re living alone and overseas in a foreign country.


On a brighter note, as all my classmates are counting down to the days home, I’m counting down to my trip to Barcelona. It’ll be a nice break from all the madness. Who would’ve imagined that I’d be travelling in EUROPE! – oh so posh! I think the last time I went on vacation was my China trip two summers ago – that was freaking amazing! ❤ 

I really can’t wait to spend my first christmas and new years away from home. I know I’ll be terribly home sick so it’ll be an emotional one. but YOLO! I just have to tell myself that I shouldn’t be jealous of people spending their holidays at home because I’ve spent the last 23 christmases with my family. Instead, I’ll have all the freedom I want and I’ll be spending the best time of the year in a beautiful country like England; albeit, LESTA really isn’t too great.


P.s. I’m writing this in the cafe at our library and I’m getting terribly confused as there are two Chinese guys sitting beside me speaking half canto, half mando. :S MAKE UP YOUR MIND!


10 Things About Living Abroad: No Turning Back

Thought Catalog

Moving around the world teaches you many things. It isn’t for everyone. It takes a special type of person to be able to do what we do. Packing up all your things into two carry-on bags and two checked pieces of luggage is struggles in itself, and to generalize imagine being a woman! I could only bring 10 pairs of shoes! Your mother will go through that luggage and make you narrow it down to seven cardigans instead of 17 and she will remind you that those shorts still don’t fit and haven’t fit for 3 years, you should probably just let them go. Along with letting those shorts go you are also letting go of friendships, relationships, comfort.

A wise man told me that the reason we move to new countries is because we are either running from or running to something. I laughed and thought he was crazy…

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I’m so Beautiful

I wish.

I’ve been looking at old pictures of myself and i SWEAR to God, I looked so much more beautiful in Vancouver. I just feel like no matter how nice I dress, how much make up I put on, how cute pretentious pretty innocent adorable I try to pose in pictures, I still look like crap. It’s a constant struggle and it kind of brings my self esteem down. I don’t want to sound pretentious or anything but I don’t think I’m an ugly girl. In fact, I think I’m pretty above average decent for a girl in her 20’s. I’m convinced that the UK has unfortunately turned me into an ugly duckling – quite depressing if you ask me.


Here’s a recent selfie of myself. I don’t think I look at all cute. And here’s why:

THE HAIR. I mean, every since I came here, I’ve lost the luxury to straighten my hair – which is probably the biggest reason why my hair always looks like crap – and I don’t think my hair has fully gotten used to the water here. As Jas says, it’s “vacation water” hair. My hair feels like there’s a film on it and it feels greasy. And girl, that greasy flimsy feeling from the dirt and debris is sOoooOoo disgusting.

AND omg my MAKEUP. I don’t put a lot of make up on but I feel like my face is sOooOooo greasy all the time. My makeup literally melts off my face by the end of the day. I’m sure it’s not the products I use because they’re the same ones I use in Vancouver. My eyeliners always melting down my cheek and my face feels like a grease ball. It’s like nasty.

Then there’s the smell. I absolutely regret not bringing any of my frags to the UK. I’ve been using this body spray from Bath and Body Works and it just doesn’t smell like me. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. First of all, it’s a body mist and the smell doesn’t last really long. Second of all, that body mist doesn’t smell like anything I’d normally wear. I really miss my Chloe and Ed Hardy frags. It’s ridiculous. I feel like I’m having perfume withdrawals. And I swear, I’m going to cave in and buy some frags soon.

The haircut. I used to think my bob cut made me aged 10 years – stlll agree. But I was looking through the iPhoto pictures of myself with short hair like 2-3 years ago and honestly, I look pretty. Effortlessly pretty.


This is like my greased up, after work face too. UGH. WTF!

There’s no way this is happening!

And then there’s the face. I feel like my face is so swollen or something. I also feel bloated. My face is so swollen and I don’t know how. I massage it everyday to make sure my blood flows and all.

AND the DIET. I think I really should stop eating chips and chocolates on the daily. My diet has become terrible since I got here.

With a few diet changes and the practice of incessant and relentless narcism, I’m confident that I will eventually become HOT again in the  UK, just like my Vancouver-self. I HOPE.

End rant.

20 Signs You Really, Really Hate People

This is so damn true, it’s actually kind of depressing.


1. The idea of getting your ass out of bed, dressing up and stepping out of your front door is just

Michael scott no

2. When you take public transport, you can’t help but think:


3. You’re on your way to meet a friend and then you get a text from her saying she’s brought a tag-along.

This is your reaction:

dont need another friend

4. You find yourself praying that plans get cancelled all the time.

cancelling plans

5. When you get invited to a house party, you pray to God they’ve got a pet so you can act busy and not interact with actual human beings.

6. When people tap you on the shoulder, or try to do that cheek-kissy thing that white people love, or touch you in any way:


7. When someone whips out a camera and everyone squeals in delight, you’re just like:

Robert Downey Jr Pained Photo Taking

8. You loovvvveee the internet. And the invention of mobile phones…

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Weeks worth of Shenanigans

As I’m running out of topics inspiration to rant about the UK, I thought it would be interesting to share with the public our dinners and the cost of the meals for the two of us. After all, the blog is called frugallivingstudents for a reason. We aim to live frugally but dine lavishly. Ya gotta get your worth on every pound you spend – these British pounds are bloody expensive! I apologize in advance over the presentation of the dishes – we are working on that. 


– Shell pasta with lightly smoked salmon and tom sauce – ~£5.50 ($9.50)


– Indian Chicken Fajitas – ~£4.50 ($7.50)

– Lentils on rice with veg medley and egg – ~£2 ($3.40)

– Lemon seared fish with tom veg – ~£4 ($6.70)


– Chicken Bacon Ravioli with spicy fiery sauce + side sausage – £5 ($8.40)

Not too shabby right? All the prices listed are for the two of us so it works out to be roughly £2-3 per dinner per person. We definitely feed ourselves quite well considering we are living alone and far far away from our family. We enjoy our feasts. In fact, we have dubbed fridays as our “Fancy Fridays” where we make scrumptious gastronomic meals (and a lot of it). Sometimes, we would invite a friend or two over to our celebration of the beginning of weekend. 


Aside from food, it has come to my attention that I should start to dress more like my Vancouver self so this means no more scrubby sweat pants and dressing like a hobo to school uni. Perhaps when I feel like it more inspired I will include my daily outfits with these dinner pictures to spice things up a little. 

Until next time.

A white chocolate obsession


Has anyone noticed a white chocolate obsession in the UK? There is a white chocolate version (“limited edition”) of almost every common chocolate bars there exists in the phase of this world. I couldn’t help but to buy some to try it out and let’s just say.. it’s super sweet. You’re gonna be like “no durrrhhhh it’s white chocolate!” But it’s almost like a disgusting type of sweet, albeit still bearable. I know the picture above doesn’t justify the immense amount of limited edition chocolate bars there are out there but if I tried every single white chocolate version out there, I’ll turn into a cow and that’s no good.

So far, I’ve seen limited edition…

– Kitkat + kitkat chunky

– Twix

– Bueno

– White Crunch

– maltesers

– Milky bar.. and I’m sure there’s much more!

I also noticed that they have some weird combination chocolates such as strawberries and cream cadbury chocolates (which was incredibly insanely sweet), cookies and creme kitkat (by far my favourite), orange kitkat, dark chocolate kitkat, orange aero, mint chocolate aero hot chocolate powder, maltesers hot chocolate, etc.

You might think this is kind of a pointless post and I do somewhat agree with you about that. I just find it interesting that different countries have certain versions of chocolate bars. It certainly seems that UK is obsessed with white chocolate but it is a European country and we all know that Europeans are obsessed with chocolates and sweets. But why white chocolate? You tell me!



– Typical selfie of me being bored from studying (which seems to happen way too often)  –



– Typical dinner @250LR –

Typical nonsense.

Typical abrupt departure.

British Lingo


It’s officially been a month since we’ve been to the UK. I can’t say that things are settling in well and that I’m used to everything just yet simply because everything is so different here compared to Canada. I’m still not used to the separate hot and cold water taps, the one and off light switches and hot water switches as well as our infuriating radiators at home that just never seems to cooperate with us. Everything is still very broken here. But most importantly… the language barrier.

I can’t say I haven’t been slightly influenced by the British lingo as I must say I am picking it up very well. It still irks me that I unknowingly use their slangs – but I guess that’s part of settling into the UK, it’s inevitable.

Here are some of the slangs that I’ve noticed/absorbed in the past month.. *starts speaking in rough British accent*

Hiya – I guess it’s the Brits’ version of ‘Hey’ or ‘Hi there’
You alright? – How are you? or What’s up? (I still don’t how to answer them…)
CBA – “can’t be arsed” aka can’t be bothered
Cash Point – ATM machine
Boot – trunk
Knackered – tired
Blatant – obvious (that’s kinda a no-brainer I suppose)
Fresh – FOB (Fresh Off the Boat)
Fancy – desire/like
Fanny – front bits aka your pusspuss
Fanny around – fuck around/procrastinate?
Ring me – call me
Queue – line up
Keep your eyes peeled – look out/pay attention
Get it sorted – figure it out/deal with it (another no brainer but rarely used in Canada; at least not in my dictionary)
Mate – friend/dude
Pukka – super (ie. Pukka pad, pukka pies, etc) –> I REALLY want to know what a pukka pie is.. #nopunintended
Uni – short for university; apparently if you say SCHOOL here, it means it’s for kids. Oops…
Dodgy – Shady
Setnav – GPS

Every country and city and different dialect. I mean, Eastern and Western Canadians speak differently and have a different accent. Heck, I think people that grew up in Maple Ridge speaks more red neck than people that are from Coquitlam. It’s no surprise that the Brits have different slangs than Canadians. I’m sure Brits have their fob moments in Canada as well!

I’m really starting to get tired of the British accent. I swear the Lesta accent is not as glamourous as the London accent. Then again, I could be biased. Nevertheless, sometimes I really wish I could tell these people to speak Canadian because I am seriously not settling well with this ghetto accent people in Leicestershire speak!

How close is too close?

It has come to my attention that the locals here have a serious lack of knowledge of personal space. There has been countless incidents where strangers had come right up to me trying to pass me on the street. And when I say “come right up” I really mean.. they come right behind you with about 2cm space in between before they overtake you on the side walk. This also happens with people who are on the bicycles. Bikers tend to come right up behind you into your comfort zone before overtaking.

I mean, I guess I can accept the fact that you are coming uncomfortably close to me when you’re trying to pass me but why do you have to do it in such a creepy way? Why do you have to look behind and give a creepish stare after you overtake me? It just doesn’t make sense. These locals here are so incredibly rude.

But all the above examples doesn’t top the incident I had at the library.

A couple of weeks ago when I was waiting for my roommate to talk on the phone at the ‘phone zone’ of the library, this East Asian and a Black man came into the zone. They seem to be trying to carry on a secret conversation so they kept their eyes peeled on us the whole time. The two made it seem like we were the ones interrupting in their conversation and that’s so freaking weird because they were the ones who came into the ‘phone zone’. Nevertheless, they carried on with their conversation and finished while staring at us the whole time. When they left, the Black guy came so close to my face we almost made contact. I was so creeped out by the whole thing I could feel my skin getting goosebumps. I mean like are you for fucking reals? Have you never heard of the term “personal space” or “comfort zone”? I don’t know where this ignorance comes from but it’s mind bogglingly bizarre – and that’s an understatement.

I understand that etiquette comes from culture, social class and social surroundings. Perhaps this is all a cultural shock to me but I’m pretty sure this is no comedy of manners. These are basic virtues of life, the norms, the code of behaviour.

Speaking of mannerisms, our neighbours upstairs are the most outrageous people ever. They’re constantly marching around the house with lead shoes on and their kids are jumping up and down incessantly until 3-4am! I seriously don’t think these people above us ever sleep and if they do, it would be very little. They’re so distracting and inconsiderate and most importantly, they are keeping up from sleeping at night. I’ve written a note to them warning them to be more respectful and considerate over their noise level but no fucks are given from these punks.

Which part of these social behaviours screams acceptable to you? None.

Lesta locals are in a serious lack of proper mannerisms. It’s freaking ridiculous.

Lesta Fashion

So ya know how everyone says that people in the UK dress posh or hipster? Well let’s be real here, I haven’t seen a single person that dresses that way in Leicester.

On my way to school the other day, we saw this man with his hair pulled back in a long baggy grey sweater and a long skirt with runners – wtf were you thinking? There also seems to be an unhealthy obsession with girls wearing see through black leggings and granny underwear inside. I mean, it’s bad enough that you’re not wearing a thong underneath your leggings but the fact that your leggings are see through – to the point where i can see the white tag inside – is just appalling. I don’t know about you but girls hear like to wear like.. Nike runners (yes, running shoes) with their leggings and I think that’s just .. not fashionable at all. I should also give merit to those who wear like close to nothing on a cold, windy day. I mean, are you not cold? You’re in sleeveless and shorts with see through tights underneath your short shorts.

I guess it’s safe to say that I’ve officially given up dressing up for school. On campus, you’ll find me in my sweatpants and a sweater. Sometimes, I even trek out makeup-less because I just don’t give a crap. If i dressed like this back home, I’d probably be shot or honestly too embarrassed to leave the house. Those who know me will know that I rarely leave my house without makeup. I’ve also given up on washing my hair everyday (I’m in two day old hair today) because I just don’t think I should DRESS UP and make myself look PRESENTABLE in a city where no one gives two fucks about their appearance. After all, it’s not like I have anyone to impress here but myself.


P.s. People also blow their nose really really loud here.. it’s disgusting, and that’s an understatement.