Little bit of an update

Sorry I’ve been slightly MIA!

Life got busy even though not much is happening. I suppose I’m just kind of lazy… Oops!

It’s revision season right now so I’ll have plenty of time to revise and blog.

Over the past few months I’ve developed…
– an obsession with itsjudytime and itsjudyslife on YouTube. I love watching their daily vlogs, its kind of becoming the highlight of my day! The family is just so so cute and the babies are adorable. The fact that they live in Seattle allows me to see bits and bobs of the area makes me reminisce my spontaneous day trips to the States when I’m at home!

– some sort of insomnia where I have broken sleep and can wake up anytime from 3-5am. Most of the time I can go back to sleep while sometimes I can’t (aka right now). I don’t really know what the cause of it.. Perhaps stress but I don’t think I’ve been THAT stressed out… I recall having this problem back in Vancouver but it has become pretty chronic for the past few months. I’m talking like waking up around that time every single night.

– problems with my menstrual cycle – I guess this ties in with the stress part. I’ve been having abnormal and spotty periods ever since January. I even missed my period one month. Maybe the uncertainty in life is getting to me… Not that you all need to know that but if anyone has any good ideas in destressing, please let me know!

– I’m getting more and more used to alone time and living the slug life of watching TV, studying and eating. Its kind of sad… But no longer am I depressed over friends not talking to me. I’ve come to realize that those who take the time to speak to me regularly are amazing and I really cherish that. I’ve also realize people are busy with their own lives so its understandable that they do not speak to me. After all nobody is obligated to speak to me on a daily basis.. Right?

– realized that I’m kind of picky at making friends. Given that I live in a brown town and I’m Chinese, I think its understandable that Im not always interested in making friends with other brown people. Also its inevitable that similar races mingle with each other. I’ve also come to realize that I don’t want to waste time on people that simply aren’t worth my time. I can’t say I’ve made any ‘lifetime’ friends here yet but whatever I’m kind of okay with how things are. I’ve got to say that I’m kind of at a mixed category here. I’m Chinese and I’m Canadian and I’m kind of whitewashed so anyone that aren’t similar to me makes it kind of hard for me to mingle with. Maybe I’m just antisocial…which can be due to the fact that im an only child…. Who knows. :S

– I’m doing the #100happydays challenge on instagram. Its pretty challenging for me especially when I’m not the funnest and coolest person in the word and frankly, not much goes on in my life.

– can you believe there’s only 64 days til home time? I’m so excited!!! I can’t believe I’ve been here for like 7 months now.

I’ll definitely try to blog more. Its a good source of outlet and perhaps I can think of a way to make it fun for me and my nonexistent readers! 😛


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