Hey. 129 til its home time.


I honestly can’t wait. I sisny think I’d ever get this homesick but I am. Its not like I’m homesick homesick, I just miss my old life. My Vancouver life. But whatever…. Still another 129 days to go. 


I um… Don’t know how to explain it but sometimes I feel like I’m in a constant battle with my internal self – whether coming here was the right decision. I know I know .. Keep your eyes on the prize. I just can’t help but second guess myself sometimes you know. I don’t feel like I’ve really made any friends here. I always feel alone and its kind of depressing. I never really feel “happy”. 

And honestly, I feel like the hardest part of law school and studying abroad is the constant internal battle of self worth and uncertainty of the future. 

I don’t really have anyone to talk to and I don’t want to talk to the roommate about it. Friends back home have their own lives and are too busy to console a peasant like me. The time difference sucks balls and I feel.. Alone. 


Maybe I should just stop talking n thinking bout it…. And to top it off, the insomnia.


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