BlackBerry 10 Battery Tips

Originally posted on Inside BlackBerry:
Originally published on the Inside BlackBerry Help blog Using a BlackBerry 10 smartphone? Here are some tips that can help you maximize your smartphone’s battery life! Check for BlackBerry 10 OS Updates Whenever a BlackBerry 10 OS update is released, make sure you install it on your smartphone so that…

Motivation to carry on.. or lack thereof.

Last week, i felt one of the biggest lows of my life… emotional.. internally…  I just couldn’t do anything to motivate and uplift myself. I felt like I was in an eternal rut and that life wasn’t going anywhere. Everything frustrated me and annoyed me in a whole new level. I felt like I was […]


Hey. 129 til its home time.   I honestly can’t wait. I sisny think I’d ever get this homesick but I am. Its not like I’m homesick homesick, I just miss my old life. My Vancouver life. But whatever…. Still another 129 days to go.    I um… Don’t know how to explain it but […]