Being Average Joe

This has been an ongoing thought that has been surrounding me my entire life and it wasn’t until I read the blog posts and watched the YouTube video of Mrdizzybubbles that I was able to put this topic into words. Feel free to check out her video on this if you are interested! It is not only wise but also honest – definitely some worthy food for thought after watching it!

After watching the video I find that I relate to her in many aspects – I was never the best or the worst in anything. I always got average grades in school and ended off university with an average GPA. I never got into playing instruments or dancing. I have no beliefs of spirituality although I do believe that someone almighty out there created the world – a true agnostic, although my mother is currently in the midst of convincing me to become Christian. I was a “goody goody” in high school as my parents wanted me to be; I never dated, never did drugs or drank alcohol; heck, I didn’t even drink coffee – a “drug” as some people believe. I was in a few clubs in high school like Student Council and Choir. I have some friends but not too many. I find friends to be quality over quantity. I was never popular and still not. In university, I opened up a little more and started rebelling, but just enough to explore the possibilities of the world. I wandered on the mobius strip as I believe love is without boundaries and it is the person that matters, not the gender.

Fast forward to finishing up university, I felt lost in what the future would be. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do more school, or just work for a few years to gain more work and life experiences. I had trouble deciding what my interests were and what profession I want to settle in because I’m so AVERAGE. I’m interested in everything and know bits and bobs of all areas of expertise. Everything seemed like a possibility to me and because of my indecisive mindset, I felt even more lost.  All I knew was that I didn’t want to waste my time, so I settled for law school in the most unconventional way. I didn’t bother studying for the LSAT because I knew I would never get into a Canadian law school so I opted for overseas.

Now that I’m in the UK, I’m constantly questioning myself, whether law school was really a good choice. I don’t have a strong passion for school but unfortunately, society have such strong views on education and being “educated”. Sometimes I ask myself, what am I doing here? I’m spending so much money, being away from home and I don’t feel like I’m improving myself, even though I am.

I’m doing average in law school. Last night my father asked me if I think I’ll be able to pass law school this year and I told him of course, why do you ask? He replied “because you’re not as smart as you think you are.” The normal reaction would be infuriated but I thought to myself, he’s kind of true. I am just an average person, living an average life that received average grades my entire life. Is being average enough? But when you think about it, being “on top” of the pack induces a conceited nature and being “at the bottom” results in self confidence issues. It’s so hard to redefine oneself yet society is based upon hierarchies and ranking system. Like “oh, if you’re not rich, don’t go to law school.” “If you’re not a genius, don’t go to law school” “If you’re Chinese, you must be smart!”

Life is about discovering all aspects of life and striving for change and achieving goals. But how can one strive and achieve when they are “just average”? Why are we bound by social stratification in this society? If we’re not, we could challenge Marxian’s class theories which society has abide to for centuries. Is power, prestige and property really that important to us? Can an Average Joe achieve these three premises of stratification? Are Average Joes just waiting for a wake up call to motivate them to strive to be on top?


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