Motivational Tunes

It’s no news that music helps you study better. Studies have shown that listening to music while you study not only helps you concentrate and keep your mind alert, it also makes you more intelligent. Clinical psychologists have found that studying with music makes your pupils perform well academically. Music containing 60-70 beats a minute are beneficial to stimulate learning and enhance concentration.  This is usually found in classical music.

‘The melody and tone range in classical music, like Beethoven’s Fur Elise, helped students to study for longer and retain more information,’ she says. ‘Music in this range induces a state of relaxation where the mind is calm but alert, the imagination is stimulated and concentration is heightened (similar to a meditative state). And this is thought to be the best for learning.’

For students studying in Humanities, Social Sciences, Science and Language, it has been found in studies that listening to music with 50-80 beats a minute to help with enhancing concentration. Researchers suggest that students in those concentrations should listen to songs by Miley Cyrus and Justin Timberlake. 

 ‘The left side of the brain is used to process factual information and solve problems, which are key skills in these topics,’ she says. ‘Listening to music with 50-80 beats per minute such as We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus and Mirrors by Justin Timberlake has a calming effect on the mind that is conducive to logical thought, allowing the brain to learn and remember new facts.’

The right side of the brain is used to process original, creative thoughts, so Gray suggests English, Drama or Art students listen to emotive rock and pop music. ‘Songs like Katy Perry’s Firework and I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction) by The Rolling Stones produce a heightened state of excitement that is likely to enhance creative performance,’ she says.

I always thought it was BS when people said listening to classical music helps on study and I can’t say I didn’t try this method in the past. For some reason, I found classical music to be extremely distracting. Not only did it fail to help me concentrate, I found myself getting annoyed of the type of music I was listening to. I did not appreciate classical music at all and in fact, started to question what was so great about it. Instead, I opted for Jazz music and I especially adore songs with a mix of piano and the alto saxophone. There’s just something mesmerized about the sounds that comes out of a saxophone.

Recently, I found a good mix of Deep Jazz and loungey type of music that puts me in my best studying mode ever. Not only do I feel concentrated longer, I am also extremely efficient when listening to the mix. So I thought I’d share some of my favourite jazzy, studying mixes that I’ve discovered.

This mix is by far my most favourite. It’s pretty much a mix of everything that I usually listen to. It’s got a jazzy house vibe to it and I find it perfect to have it in the background while I’m doing my readings or writing a paper. Heck, it’s on repeat all day everyday! I definite go-to when I’m nerding up!

Another perfect mix for note taking and reading.

This one’s absolutely perfect for everything work and school related.

Let me know what you feel. And if anyone has any good mixes of jazz that they find perfect for studying, feel free to comment below.


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