Ups and Downs

Life is full of ups and downs.


Never expect too much from anyone – it’s always better to expect less.

There are a lot of people in this world who doesn’t deserve my trust and I should never let me shields down. You never know when they will attack you with their swords. I mean, honestly. The one time I let me guards down and I get screwed over. There’s a reason why I don’t trust people easily.


This is especially important when you’re living alone and overseas in a foreign country.


On a brighter note, as all my classmates are counting down to the days home, I’m counting down to my trip to Barcelona. It’ll be a nice break from all the madness. Who would’ve imagined that I’d be travelling in EUROPE! – oh so posh! I think the last time I went on vacation was my China trip two summers ago – that was freaking amazing! ❤ 

I really can’t wait to spend my first christmas and new years away from home. I know I’ll be terribly home sick so it’ll be an emotional one. but YOLO! I just have to tell myself that I shouldn’t be jealous of people spending their holidays at home because I’ve spent the last 23 christmases with my family. Instead, I’ll have all the freedom I want and I’ll be spending the best time of the year in a beautiful country like England; albeit, LESTA really isn’t too great.


P.s. I’m writing this in the cafe at our library and I’m getting terribly confused as there are two Chinese guys sitting beside me speaking half canto, half mando. :S MAKE UP YOUR MIND!


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