Weeks worth of Shenanigans

As I’m running out of topics inspiration to rant about the UK, I thought it would be interesting to share with the public our dinners and the cost of the meals for the two of us. After all, the blog is called frugallivingstudents for a reason. We aim to live frugally but dine lavishly. Ya gotta get your worth on every pound you spend – these British pounds are bloody expensive! I apologize in advance over the presentation of the dishes – we are working on that. 


– Shell pasta with lightly smoked salmon and tom sauce – ~£5.50 ($9.50)


– Indian Chicken Fajitas – ~£4.50 ($7.50)

– Lentils on rice with veg medley and egg – ~£2 ($3.40)

– Lemon seared fish with tom veg – ~£4 ($6.70)


– Chicken Bacon Ravioli with spicy fiery sauce + side sausage – £5 ($8.40)

Not too shabby right? All the prices listed are for the two of us so it works out to be roughly £2-3 per dinner per person. We definitely feed ourselves quite well considering we are living alone and far far away from our family. We enjoy our feasts. In fact, we have dubbed fridays as our “Fancy Fridays” where we make scrumptious gastronomic meals (and a lot of it). Sometimes, we would invite a friend or two over to our celebration of the beginning of weekend. 


Aside from food, it has come to my attention that I should start to dress more like my Vancouver self so this means no more scrubby sweat pants and dressing like a hobo to school uni. Perhaps when I feel like it more inspired I will include my daily outfits with these dinner pictures to spice things up a little. 

Until next time.


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