A white chocolate obsession


Has anyone noticed a white chocolate obsession in the UK? There is a white chocolate version (“limited edition”) of almost every common chocolate bars there exists in the phase of this world. I couldn’t help but to buy some to try it out and let’s just say.. it’s super sweet. You’re gonna be like “no durrrhhhh it’s white chocolate!” But it’s almost like a disgusting type of sweet, albeit still bearable. I know the picture above doesn’t justify the immense amount of limited edition chocolate bars there are out there but if I tried every single white chocolate version out there, I’ll turn into a cow and that’s no good.

So far, I’ve seen limited edition…

– Kitkat + kitkat chunky

– Twix

– Bueno

– White Crunch

– maltesers

– Milky bar.. and I’m sure there’s much more!

I also noticed that they have some weird combination chocolates such as strawberries and cream cadbury chocolates (which was incredibly insanely sweet), cookies and creme kitkat (by far my favourite), orange kitkat, dark chocolate kitkat, orange aero, mint chocolate aero hot chocolate powder, maltesers hot chocolate, etc.

You might think this is kind of a pointless post and I do somewhat agree with you about that. I just find it interesting that different countries have certain versions of chocolate bars. It certainly seems that UK is obsessed with white chocolate but it is a European country and we all know that Europeans are obsessed with chocolates and sweets. But why white chocolate? You tell me!



– Typical selfie of me being bored from studying (which seems to happen way too often)  –



– Typical dinner @250LR –

Typical nonsense.

Typical abrupt departure.


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