British Lingo


It’s officially been a month since we’ve been to the UK. I can’t say that things are settling in well and that I’m used to everything just yet simply because everything is so different here compared to Canada. I’m still not used to the separate hot and cold water taps, the one and off light switches and hot water switches as well as our infuriating radiators at home that just never seems to cooperate with us. Everything is still very broken here. But most importantly… the language barrier.

I can’t say I haven’t been slightly influenced by the British lingo as I must say I am picking it up very well. It still irks me that I unknowingly use their slangs – but I guess that’s part of settling into the UK, it’s inevitable.

Here are some of the slangs that I’ve noticed/absorbed in the past month.. *starts speaking in rough British accent*

Hiya – I guess it’s the Brits’ version of ‘Hey’ or ‘Hi there’
You alright? – How are you? or What’s up? (I still don’t how to answer them…)
CBA – “can’t be arsed” aka can’t be bothered
Cash Point – ATM machine
Boot – trunk
Knackered – tired
Blatant – obvious (that’s kinda a no-brainer I suppose)
Fresh – FOB (Fresh Off the Boat)
Fancy – desire/like
Fanny – front bits aka your pusspuss
Fanny around – fuck around/procrastinate?
Ring me – call me
Queue – line up
Keep your eyes peeled – look out/pay attention
Get it sorted – figure it out/deal with it (another no brainer but rarely used in Canada; at least not in my dictionary)
Mate – friend/dude
Pukka – super (ie. Pukka pad, pukka pies, etc) –> I REALLY want to know what a pukka pie is.. #nopunintended
Uni – short for university; apparently if you say SCHOOL here, it means it’s for kids. Oops…
Dodgy – Shady
Setnav – GPS

Every country and city and different dialect. I mean, Eastern and Western Canadians speak differently and have a different accent. Heck, I think people that grew up in Maple Ridge speaks more red neck than people that are from Coquitlam. It’s no surprise that the Brits have different slangs than Canadians. I’m sure Brits have their fob moments in Canada as well!

I’m really starting to get tired of the British accent. I swear the Lesta accent is not as glamourous as the London accent. Then again, I could be biased. Nevertheless, sometimes I really wish I could tell these people to speak Canadian because I am seriously not settling well with this ghetto accent people in Leicestershire speak!


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