How close is too close?

It has come to my attention that the locals here have a serious lack of knowledge of personal space. There has been countless incidents where strangers had come right up to me trying to pass me on the street. And when I say “come right up” I really mean.. they come right behind you with about 2cm space in between before they overtake you on the side walk. This also happens with people who are on the bicycles. Bikers tend to come right up behind you into your comfort zone before overtaking.

I mean, I guess I can accept the fact that you are coming uncomfortably close to me when you’re trying to pass me but why do you have to do it in such a creepy way? Why do you have to look behind and give a creepish stare after you overtake me? It just doesn’t make sense. These locals here are so incredibly rude.

But all the above examples doesn’t top the incident I had at the library.

A couple of weeks ago when I was waiting for my roommate to talk on the phone at the ‘phone zone’ of the library, this East Asian and a Black man came into the zone. They seem to be trying to carry on a secret conversation so they kept their eyes peeled on us the whole time. The two made it seem like we were the ones interrupting in their conversation and that’s so freaking weird because they were the ones who came into the ‘phone zone’. Nevertheless, they carried on with their conversation and finished while staring at us the whole time. When they left, the Black guy came so close to my face we almost made contact. I was so creeped out by the whole thing I could feel my skin getting goosebumps. I mean like are you for fucking reals? Have you never heard of the term “personal space” or “comfort zone”? I don’t know where this ignorance comes from but it’s mind bogglingly bizarre – and that’s an understatement.

I understand that etiquette comes from culture, social class and social surroundings. Perhaps this is all a cultural shock to me but I’m pretty sure this is no comedy of manners. These are basic virtues of life, the norms, the code of behaviour.

Speaking of mannerisms, our neighbours upstairs are the most outrageous people ever. They’re constantly marching around the house with lead shoes on and their kids are jumping up and down incessantly until 3-4am! I seriously don’t think these people above us ever sleep and if they do, it would be very little. They’re so distracting and inconsiderate and most importantly, they are keeping up from sleeping at night. I’ve written a note to them warning them to be more respectful and considerate over their noise level but no fucks are given from these punks.

Which part of these social behaviours screams acceptable to you? None.

Lesta locals are in a serious lack of proper mannerisms. It’s freaking ridiculous.


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