Lesta Fashion

So ya know how everyone says that people in the UK dress posh or hipster? Well let’s be real here, I haven’t seen a single person that dresses that way in Leicester.

On my way to school the other day, we saw this man with his hair pulled back in a long baggy grey sweater and a long skirt with runners – wtf were you thinking? There also seems to be an unhealthy obsession with girls wearing see through black leggings and granny underwear inside. I mean, it’s bad enough that you’re not wearing a thong underneath your leggings but the fact that your leggings are see through – to the point where i can see the white tag inside – is just appalling. I don’t know about you but girls hear like to wear like.. Nike runners (yes, running shoes) with their leggings and I think that’s just .. not fashionable at all. I should also give merit to those who wear like close to nothing on a cold, windy day. I mean, are you not cold? You’re in sleeveless and shorts with see through tights underneath your short shorts.

I guess it’s safe to say that I’ve officially given up dressing up for school. On campus, you’ll find me in my sweatpants and a sweater. Sometimes, I even trek out makeup-less because I just don’t give a crap. If i dressed like this back home, I’d probably be shot or honestly too embarrassed to leave the house. Those who know me will know that I rarely leave my house without makeup. I’ve also given up on washing my hair everyday (I’m in two day old hair today) because I just don’t think I should DRESS UP and make myself look PRESENTABLE in a city where no one gives two fucks about their appearance. After all, it’s not like I have anyone to impress here but myself.


P.s. People also blow their nose really really loud here.. it’s disgusting, and that’s an understatement.


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