Foreigners in a Foreign Country

It’s not easy to move out on your own, let alone packing your bags and moving to a foreign country. It’s a weird feeling.. living in a country that speaks the same language as you but don’t abide to the same set of culture and lingo that is familiar to you. To them, you are FOB and you speak with an accent, yet in your eyes, they are the ones that have an accent and they are the ones that dresses weird – or “posh” or “hipster” – whatever you want to call it!

In this particular cyber sphere, you will find the adventures of me and jas (my roommate) in the UK. We are sharing our many firsts together:

  • moving out
  • going to the UK and becoming students here
  •  living in a two bedroom flat
  • cooking for each other
  • doing chores together
  • watching movies together
  • getting shat on by a bird for the first time and it smelled like dirty cunt!
  • plugging the toilet with poops and telling each other we pooped…. etc.

YA know, FIRSTS!

We haven’t been friends for a long time BUT we share many things in common..

  • we both want to become lawyers
  • we are both studying at the same law school
  • we both suck at cooking – at least it’s edible
  • we are asian (Indian and Chinese)
  • we miss our parents dearly
  • we love making fun of people – “these slides are sickkkkk!”
  • i guess our menstrual cycles are gonna sync…. 
  • we love partying and getting wasted =)




So far, we’ve only been in the UK for two weeks and we’ve noticed that British people are WEIRD! There’s been countless times where we are walking down the street and get stare downs from strangers. It’s like they know that we are foreigners by the way we dress. Just because I look Chinese, doesn’t mean I’m Chinese FOB – I swear if one more person says “ni hao” to me on the street, I’m gonna punch someone in the face. People here just aren’t friendly! I think we’ve almost gotten hit by a car like 8 times in the past week. Drivers here not only don’t know how/when to give way, but they also honk at you to move out of their way.  

I just feel like all the simple things in Canada somehow become so difficult here in the UK. For example, cell phone come in top ups so it’s like pay as you go but it would be wonderful if you would tell me that your mobile company’s data network doesn’t comply with Blackberry – I swear they do anything to milk our money. Their water taps are so old school, where one side is hot and the other side is cold. The outlets have on/off switches.. like WHY? There are on/off switches in order to turn on the hot water for showers. The toilets here.. SUCK at flushing – even the ones at school! Internet at home is SO expensive, we are talking 23 pounds for 300mb of internet. We can’t stream our dramas here in the UK because it’s BLOCKED in this country. Everything’s just so… frustrating. 


That being said, I’m sure we will get used to it and we will come to the point where we LOVE this country (i hope that day never happens) and we won’t want to leave. Thus far, everything’s been bearable. We’ll see if our views change few months down the road.





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